giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Review of Deviations by Dominic Frasca, Cantalupe Music, 2005

Italian Translation

Is it possible that a record of guitar’s music, a record of contemporary music, could be more interesting and fascinating then a record about rock music? The answer is yes if the musician is a guitar player like Dominc Frasca. This recorded, produced in 2005 for the recording label owned by Bang on a Can, this Deviations it is a record that binds your ears to the first listening. But perhaps mine is a partial judgment, this cd in fact draws to full hands into minimalist structures and music and for one like me that adores Steve Reich and Philip Glass it’s decidedly not so difficult to fall in love with these music and their sonorities.
I allow myself to say however that Dominic Frasca is indeed a very good guitarist. The notes on the cd say with pride that all the music are performed without any overdubs or other studio recordings tricks, and it’s difficult to believe it since notes jumps up from all the parts, with some counterpoint interlacements that makes me imagine Dominic to work with four hands ond the frets of his guitar.
The first passage "Dometude" composed by Marc Mellis is simply dragging, Frasca hammers his classical guitar better then what Eddie Van Halen could ever make (Eddie is quoted in the thanks of the cd) but all the tracks are simply great. Dominic signs two passages: Forced Entry and Deviations, while he signs the arrangements of all the remainders track, all composed by Marc Mellis with the exception of Two Pages by Philip Glass, indeed very beautiful.
I am happy to have succeeded in purchasing this cd, it’s out of print from a long time and I have got it only after a patient attended on ebay, but the collector knows how to wait and, as always, at the end he is always well repayed. If you love to listen (and even to play) Electric Counterpoint this cd is for you.

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