martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Review of Gongfarmer 36 by Jim McAuley, Long Song Records 2012

Italian Translation

We have already talk about  Jim McAuley on the occasion of my critique of the "Vignes" cd by the Acoustic Guitar Trio. In that occasion I had written baout McAuley: " has a more folk sound, but also this category doesn’t belong to him." Absolutely true and this excellent, excellent cd, I’m not afraid indeed to sincerely review it with enthusiastic terms, confirms the preceding feelings. Jim McAuley belongs to that curious category of musicians to which to move inside the usual “borders” of their instruments … is not enough.
No, McAuley is moves himself among other radical improvisators like Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Joe Morris and Renè Lussier and acoustic guitarists Takoma school as John Fahey and Robbie Basho, his music, his improvisations are characterized by an unique and extremely personal style that however it is never explanatory: always intense, always lyric McAuley never copies from anybody, even from himself.
This new cd, follows ideal of his first soloist ("Gongfarmer 18.) album is a rich collection of soloist recordings drawn by live shows, home and studio recordings and well, it testifies the ample creative and poetic spirit of this guitarist. We are light years distant by whatever form of musical protagonism disguised as exasperated virtuosities, but if you look for non orthodox techniques, open tunings, a continuous crossing of jazz, blues, folk, classical and contemporary, this cd plays for you.
Very beautiful his version of the "Saltarello" by Vincenzo Galilei. One of the best records of the 2012.

p.s. I ask help to the acoustic guitarists that read my blog: in the notes of the cd is sued a certain J.P. Pickens.. I don't know this guitarist, I confess my ignorance .. please help me, I want to know more about him.

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