venerdì 27 settembre 2013

13Questions BILL FRISELL on Prepared Guitar Blog

Don't miss this excellent interview with Bill Frisell on Prepared Guitar Blog!

Wire, the British music publication has observed, "What's really distinctive isBill Frisell's feel for the shape of songs, for their architecture; it's a virtuosity of deep structure rather than surface." Bill explains this sensibility to Guitar Player, "For me, it's really important to keep the melody going all the time, whether you are actually playing it or not, especially when it's some kind of standard tune or familiar song form. A lot of people play the melody and rush right into their solo, almost with an attitude of 'Whew — that's out of the way, now let's really play!' Then they just burn on chord changes, and it doesn't relate to the song anymore. I like to keep that melody going. When you hear Thelonious Monk's piano playing — or horn players like Ben Webster, Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter — you always hear the melody in there. Sonny Rollins is the classic example of that — I've read that he thinks of the words while he's playing the sax, so the song really means something to him. It's not just an excuse to play a bunch of licks over chord changes."


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