domenica 21 dicembre 2014

John Fahey live at the New Varsity 1981 full concert!

John Aloysius Fahey (February 28, 1939 – February 22, 2001) was an American fingerstyle guitarist and composer who played the steel-string acoustic guitar as a solo instrument. His style has been greatly influential and has been described as the foundation of American Primitivism, a term borrowed from painting and referring mainly to the self-taught nature of the music and its minimalist style. Fahey borrowed from the folk and bluestraditions in American roots music, having compiled many forgotten early recordings in these genres. He would later incorporate classical, Portuguese, Brazilian, and Indian music into his œuvre.[1] He spent many of his later years in poverty and poor health, but enjoyed a minor career resurgence with a turn towards the more explicitly avant-garde, and created a series of abstract paintings during the last years of his life. He died in 2001 from complications from heart surgery. In 2003, he was ranked 35th in the Rolling Stone "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list.[2]

01 Sunny Side of the Ocean 1:22
02 Spanish Dance / Hawaiian Two-Step 5:08
03 Spanish Flang Dang 6:52
04 Lion 9:08
05 Steamboat Gwine Round The Bend 16:47
06 How Green Was My Valley 20:45
07 Poor Boy A Long Way From Home 22:50
08 Wine and Roses / The Red Pony 27:10
09 Guitar Lamento 36:06
10 Candyman / Brenda's Blues 42:30
11 When The Fire And The Rose Are One 44:33
12 Imitation Train Whistles / Steel Guitar Rag 50:20
13 Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade / Indian Pacific Railroad 56:00
14 Southern Medley 1:03:04

Wednesday evening on Guitars Speak radio program: Christmas with John Fahey!
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