martedì 27 gennaio 2015

Review of Fleurs d’X by Fabio Selvafiorita (Elena Càsoli guitar), Stradivarius 2014

If I would sum this review in one word I would have no hesitation in using the term: miniature.
This CD, which sees the return of Helen Càsoli to record for the Italian independent label Stradivarius after the last great cd Chances Changes made in 2006, provides for listening to fortyfour short passages with durations ranging from a minimum of 23 seconds and a maximum two minutes and 50 seconds, the same composer, Fabio Selvafiorita, defines them as fragments, "with the title Fleurs d'X I wanted to collect a series of short (and very short) pieces for solo guitar, written during the summers from 2007 and 2012 . This corpus of musical scraps , today collected into three notebooks, registers sudden deja-vu, elaborate intuitions grabbed in fortuitous moments, returns echoes of a musical memory, always in balance between enchant and dream, fracture and distance. "
The result is a collection of "almost musical haiku", defined by a light but complex structure in their execution just because of their brevity and expressive synthesis which force the interpreter, a Càsoli perfectly comfortable and inspired, to a considerable efforts about concentration and focusing creativity.
Selvafiorita “fishes” in his memory, in his reading, in the echoes left by other musicians and composers working on fragments titled like "Theme for Jim Hall," “Epitaffio Corale per Luciano Berio”, “Stillstand (stasimo per Lennie Tristano)” testimony of a plurality of inspirations, listenings, frequencies and emotions.

To listen calmly, even in casual mode but not in a superficial way: these miniatures, often so catchy and melodic run out a breath but leave their aura, their breath long resonate in our ears.
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