venerdì 25 gennaio 2013

Review of Comienca la musica para guitarra by Massimo Lonardi, Stradivarius


Few instruments have proved over time to be able to change shape and strategy appropriate to the taste and spirit of the age and country of reference, adapting themselves each time to the new demands and fresh tastes of the society. The Guitars, the instrument par excellence for popular music has also become a small orchestra and the subject of challenge for the interpreters and composers of classical music. This disc, the twelfth of the Stradivarius’s Guitar Collection, focuses on the shape of the renaissance’s guitar through 29 pieces played by the Massimo Lonardi and "caught" in the sixteenth century guitar literature that has managed to overcome the neglect of centuries. These are songs taken from books by Adrian Le Roy, Simon Gorlier, Guillame Morlaye, Gregoire Brayssing, Melchior de Barberis, Miguel de Fuenllana and Pierre Phalèèse and Jean Bellère, expertly mixed together creating a real summa, an anthology of musical forms in vogue in that period: dances, variations on known themes or predetermined harmonic patterns, transcriptions of polyphonic vocal works and ricercari or fantasies in which the composer freely develop his musical style.

The music was performed with two Renaissance guitars, one by Filippo Lesca tuned in A and one by Stefano Solari tuned in E. They are short pieces that range from minute and 10 seconds of Brans de Bourgoigne by Adrian Le Roy to 2 minutes and 34 seconds for Estant assis aux rives aquatiques by Simon Gorlier, musical miniatures, little gems of sound wonderfully played by Massimo Lonardi, with absolute care and philological dedication and with passion and musical virtuosity. Beware dear reader, this is not yet another example of rivival century, here you are not comfortable riding the tiger of a fleeting popularity in the media. This is an excellent disc, by pastel colors, persuasive and light, a pleasure that goes beyond the interest for the collector and the guitarist. It's an album for those who love beauty, for those who appreciate honest work, done both with musical passion and with careful bibliophile research and with painstaking luthier job. Comienca music para guitarra, the guitar has never stopped and continues its journey through time and music. Quality engraving for flawless sound dynamics and timbre, two thumbs up for the directors of the registration Andrea Chenna and Andrea Dandolo.
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