giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

Review of Early Venetian Lute Music by Christopher Wilson and Shirley Rumsey, Naxos, 1999

I have bought this cd in 1999. It was reviewed by the magazine Wire, probably the best magazine to disposition of whom interests of musical avant-garde. I was surprised by the enthusiastic critique of a cd of Renaissance’s music for lute on a magazine that exclusively occupied by avant-garde and contemporary sounds. The fact that then the cd was produced by the Naxos (and therefore to low price) and that it concerned authors of the Venetian school of lute it immediately pushed me to the purchase. To distance of over 13 years I still find great pleasure listening to Christopher Wilson and Shirley Rumsey harping these sweet and sweet musics on their instruments, here they delight us with the compositions of Joan Ambrosio Dalza, Francesco Spinacio, Franciscus Bossinensis and Vincenzo Capirola. Pavane, Calata alla Spagnola, Tastar de Corde are among the titles of the passages that they play more and that they testify the wealth of the Venetian musical school that bloomed in 1500 attracting  the best performers of the epoch.
A cd that is simply out of time and that justly didn’t escaped to the experienced ears of the journalists of Wire, in fact what could be better of the circles and of the folds of the Baroque music to put order in the chaos and in the post modernism of our epoch? The two interpreters are good and the recording is impeccable indeed, try these sweet airs and melodies, they will accompany us better in the new year that attends us.

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