venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

Review of Libros De Musica para Vihuela by Massimo Lonardi, Stradivarius, 2009


Italian Translation

It’s with great satisfaction and pleasure that I listen to and review this nineteenth chapter of the Guitar Collection directed by Frederic Zigante, the last record edited by Massimo Lonardi, the ideal continuation of the already beautiful cds Comienca la musica para guitarra and La Suave Melodia. This time we have here performed twenty-nine tracks by various authors such Luys Milan, Luys de Narvaez, Alfonso Mudarra, Enriquez de Valderrabano Diego Pisador, Miguel de Fuenilana, Esteban Daza and Diego Pisador, all Spanish composers who have dedicated their fantasy and their creativity at the service of Spanish Vihuela in its heyday between 1535-36 (when the edition of El Maestro) and the end of that century
This is therefore a monographic anthology describing this particular period of flourishing musical creativity, as the same Lonardi writes in beautiful 28-page booklet that accompanies, as usual, the CD, " bringing togheter on a CD pieces by varius composero and with various tendencies in style, taking them from a vast instrumental literature of superlative qualità like that for the vihuela is, rather, an opportunity to define preferences and affinities wiich are absolutely subjective." It’s crystal music that comes out from the two instruments created by Stefano Solari, a rich and vibrant polyphony, with clear and intense colors that for over an hour keep us in a polite and discreet company, Lonardi let us walk through all major music genres that characterize the solo repertoire of the instrument: Fantasias and Tientos, Diferencias and various forms of dance. A track on all top ut in evidence? The beautiful and flawless version of the Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa by Aloso Mudarra, alone is worth buying the cd!

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