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Review of "Charlie Haden Jim Hall", Impulse! 2014

Record collectors live of dreams, monstrously prohibited dreams : who knows what would have happened if Tom had been in the same recording studio with John? What would be invented? Would it be a masterpiece?  Which artistic alchemy and sound would come out? These are small talking pleasures among enthusiasts, pleasures that sometimes turn into reality.
This is what happen for this wonderful CD "Charlie Haden Jim Hall", published on 30 September 2014, from the newly reborn label Impulse!, unreleased recordings of performances in duet performed by the two Masters and recorded July 2, 1990 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.
"This album documents a rarefied journey" the pianist Ethan Iverson wrote in the liner notes of the album "Charlie Haden and Jim Hall knew each other for over a half century, played more than few concerts togheter, and shared many ideals, but this is their first concert-lenght recording. It is a major addition to the discography of both artists."
Listening to this album is a true gift: Charlie Haden and Jim Hall are both two heavyweights jazz champions and despite belonging to two different families the dean of the double-bass and the last giant of mainstream jazz guitar mainstream have in common many things to share. For example, both have proven to be masters in the complex duo's interaction: Haden with Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Ornette Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Kenny Barron, and more, Hall with Metheny, Bill Evans, Ron Carter and George Shearing, among others.
Another thing in common the ability to be both well balanced and simply essential, capable of building an ephemeral notes castle on folk and blues music structure. And then their swing so fast and elegant for Hall, elastic, lively and mellow to Haden.
Did Impulse! fulfill our dreams and our desires? Sure, but not only, beyond the pleasure of listening to their music, this album highlights a series of links and stylistic developments: how not to think about the first Pat Metheny listening to their version of Ornette Coleman' sTurnaround? How can we forget 80/81 listening Down from Antigua?
Blessed were the people present in the evening of July 2, 1990, listening to their live music can really change your life.

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