giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Review of Cordale by Pablo Montagne, Setola di Maiale 2012

Italian Version

With this record Pablo Montagne confirms to be one of the most interesting guitarists in absolute on the scene of the contemporary music. This new "Cordale", produced by the italian label Setola di Maiale this year, is simply an exceptional cd for ideas, creativeness, inventiveness and attitude to the risk.
It deals with seventeen compositions, the first ten for classical guitar and the remainders seven for acoustic guitar, characterized by a development of melodic lines and self propelled rhythms, mutable rhythms, mutable melodies, swarming texture. The goal for Motagne is to produce an independent sonorous material, indipendent by (as far as possible) the same instrumentalists through the combination of various procedures... "it’s like if someone try to surprise his own shade " as the same Pablo he wrote in Setola di Maiale’s website. The result is Cordale: a flow, a stream of consciousnes sound, torrential, constituted by continuous micro variations and micro movements, a result also gotten with the help of new tunings and where the guitar classical mounts only light E strings, that make also the sound more uniform and similar to an harpsichord.
An extremely experimental job, but of great, big interest. I sincerely invite all guitarists interested to the contemporary guitar to appraise the purchase of this cd and to be in contact with Pablo Montagne to be able to appraise his scores.
For the fetishists, the cd has been recorded with a classical guitar realized by Luciano Lovadina and an acoustic guitar EKO modified by Peter Pasca.

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