martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Review of diecidicembre by diecidicembre, Acustronica [AT015

Do you love psychedelic music? Could you live without the "summer '68” Pink Floyd’s period?" Do you relax only if you listen to the frippertronics by Robert Fripp? Do you believe that drones are the real essence of music?
And if besides all this you love the guitar too this release of the Acustronica netlabel it does for you.
diecidicembre is a good guitarist, perhaps not particularly innovative but surely he has clear ideas. he uses his guitar as a brush adding and removing cloths of music, layers of reverberating and sparkling sounds that slowly dilate and move themselves in the space.
Difficulty to maintain a focused attention. After some moments the music caught us to oscillate in the listening following the sounds that move around and slowly changes, transform themselves, migrate and return.
Perhaps nothing new under to the sun, but sometimes it is beautiful to lose ourself a sea of sparkling reverberations.

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