martedì 23 ottobre 2012

Review of Sor –Coste Complete Works for Guitar Duo Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, Brilliant Classic, 2009


Italian Translation

Past. History. Tradition. How to recover, how to make them live in the present days, placing them in our everyday life? How to Avoid unnecessary and sterile reworkings that are not nothing more than empty and sad masks of something that was and that will never return, and which we can’t know exactly how it was? Philology is a limit or it’s an enrichment for the artist and the listener?

These questions bounce in my mind while I’m listening to the last effort of the Duo Maccari Pugliese. During their interview published about a year ago on the blog the Duo had mentioned the intention to continue a rigorous philological publication of works for guitar duo of the twentieth century, recording the music of Fernando Sor and Napoleon Coste always with the Brilliant. Their promise was fulfilled and now we can listen with pleasure and interest these beautiful musics, interpreted by the Duo with a passion and intelligence with which we have long been accustomed and spoiled. As always, this time nothing has been left to chance, the music has been recorded with care and philological skill playing a “package” of vintage guitars that make your mouth water just the mention: Gaetano II Guadagnini, Italy, 1830, Joseph Pons, France 1825, René Lacote, France 1824, René Lacote, France 1825, René Lacote, France in 1827 with the sole exception of the copy the Louis Panormo produced by the italian luthier Fabio Zontini in 2007, further confirming the increasing success and artistic quality and value that the Italian luthiers are experiencing.

Ah yes .. and the questions? I think I can not give a clear-cut answer to each of them, too poor are my skill and my culture so I could even venture a definition, an opinion. Allow me to mention Luciano Berio: ".. A pianist who says he is a specialist in the classical and romantic repertoire, and plays Beethoven and Chopin without knowing the music of Novencento, it is also off as a pianist who says he is a specialist in contemporary music and plays it with hands and mind that have never been crossed deep by Beethoven and Chopin. "These songs are a common heritage to which we can and must draw, study and learn and from we can start each time drawing, creating new languages that can better define the timing and the society we live in. Don’t listen to this music, nor with nostalgia, nor with regrets for a past that is not coming back but with the ear of someone who wants to listen to the masterpieces of excellent musicians, proud of their art and their own talent. To be savored, to be sipped slowly, to taste ... to be admired!

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