giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

Review of colors:modern music for guitar by Giacomo Fiore

Italian translation

First review of the year for the contemporary music for guitar and we do it with a cd that introduces music by Toru Takemitsu, Michael Tippett, Lou Harrison and Benjamin Britten. How to say? Not so bad, isn’t it? Compact disc selfmade in 2011 through cdbaby by Giacomo Fiore by whom we have already reviewed last year the valuable Genteel where he played a more traditional repertoire.
Fiore returns on his footsteps with a cd completely devoted to brave scores that shows all of his ability and artistic maturity for the contemporary music. This repertoire certain is not the simplest one: an ideal path of innovation that stirs among "All in Twilight" by Takemitsu, the metaphysics The Blue Guitar by Michael Tippett, Scenes from the Nek Chand for guitar with resonator in Just Intonation tune and the Nocturnal After John Dowland by Benjamin Britten, passages surely of not effortless execution both from the technical and interpretative viewpoint and in which Giacomo Fiore shows abundantly to have put to profit his own studies beside the giant David Tanenbaum.
Beautiful record indeed, I hope that this could only be the beginning for a career that looks with an eye of favor at the contemporary music, we better watch out Giacomo Fiore.

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