venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Ceci n'est pas une guitare by Emanuele Forni, Stradivarius 2007

In basketball they call them “all around”: these are particular players who know everything and do it well in any situation and role. They have the right answer always ready, the creative flash, they are cool and talented off from the norm, but to see them moving in the field, at first impression, because of an innate discretion and antidivism is difficult to find in them all these skills.

Emanuele Forni shows on this record, the sixteenth volume of the Guitar Collection series for the Stradivarius, to be a true “all around” capable of moving easily between different scores and diverse instrumentation. The disc is a real hotchpotch of contemporary guitar, it goes into the electronics of Ulrich Kieger to the minimalism of Steve Reich, from the late modernism of Hosokawa and Kurtag to the neo romanticism of Takemitsu from the isolationism of Hugues Dufourt to the ambient of Eve Beglarian to the quasi theater of Aperghis, all tracks that cover a span of three decades even, some are world premiere and never recorded before.

Ceci n'est pas une guitare can be hard and difficult at first listen, but demonstrates a continuing freshness and modernity surprising. There is a scent of rhizomes and I'm sure that the philosopher Gilles Deleuze would have liked this music, the booklet accompanying the disc (always in Stradivarius style) is also of great help to frame the musics and introduce the listener to the ideas of composers . This disc surprised, first by the skill that the musician demonstrates moving in such different music scenes, and secondly for the idea of sound below. It’s the sound that strikes a sound oblique, transverse, polychromatic, the endless possibilities that leads to other plays: Brian Eno, Robert Fripp to a more general idea of soundscape, wide plateux of sounds. A very good album that grows with each listen.

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