giovedì 16 maggio 2013

Review of Magical Mystery Guitar Tour by Carlos Bonell

Give me a chance for a rightful premise. Who writes this review has never loved the Beatles. Rather to say the truth I have never born them, I have always been ready to exchange the glasses with azure-hippie-yuppie lenses of John Lennon for every wrinkles of Keith Richards and the electric bass of Paul McCartney for the Telecaster of the Rolling Stones guitarist. Among the two groups any comparisons is not possible, to the melody of the Beatles I have always preferred the rough energy of the Stoneses. Only exceptions "I'm to Walrus" and the psychedelic cartoon of Yellow Submarine.
That’s all.
But now let’s give to Caesar what it competes him. The Beatles have been great. They have written songs that have marked and marked in sonorous way an epoch and that are immortal, you can ask around how many persons have falled in love for the first time listening to the Ninth of Beethoven and how much Yesterday and get the numbers. Their songs have survived them and they will survive them, they have been gotten off, reinterpretate, turns into jazz standards and re-written for orchestra. Luigi Nono has known how to make them homage. Honor to the Beatleses therefore, to their songs, so beautiful, simple, immediate, so amazing to involve and to transmit emotions again and again, for ever.
Honor to Carlos Bonell that in this cd he has been able to intelligently play their repertoire choosing fifteen unique songs that are by now history of the popular culture of the XX century. There is the whole best: Here Comes The Sun, Michelle, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Lucy in the Sky., Yesterday.. everything that that you would want to listen from Beatleses, a compilation 100 times better than so many other poor complilations created by EMI label, better decidedly better than what the fabolous four have ever been able to play (let’s says among us they were not virtuosos).
All the passages have been written for guitar by the same Bonell, the notes in the booklet that accompanies the cd tells that they have been published from Sony / ATV Music Publishing and that have been checked by Sir Paul McCartney himself. Such a pity .. there is not I'm a Walrus.. in any way there is the Bach’s Bouré in the beginning of Blackbird!

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