lunedì 16 settembre 2013

Review of Girardi, Senna, Recchia, Burk Spinoza, ImprovvisatoreInvolontario

Spinoza and the jazz. Well .. it may seem a little curious that some jazz players keep themselves busy with one of the most interesting philosophers of 1600 using him and his ideas as source of inspiration to create the relationships and the symbioses among their musical instruments, but reflecting bout it will show us that this si not so strange.
Jazz is an alive music, that changes, that reinvents itself every moment, always in continuous fluctuation, how shall we recognize it? In what? How they recognize themselves the musicians that play it? Perhaps by the structures, the geometries, the relationships that they know how to create with themselves, with their own instruments and with the other people with whom they play. This whole “ensemble” of musical maps, ideas is not at the end so different from the complex mental mechanisms that also operate in the mind of the philosophers and as philosophy jazz music is always searching the meanings that guide the human actions. Here therefore the "geometric unfold” of the ideas of Spinoza well amalgamates and fertiles the precise musical relationships among Davide Recchia (guitar), Greg Burk (plan and glocknspiel), Stephen Benni (double bass) and Alberto Girardi (battery and percussions), accompanied by Davide Poggi’s voice, also author of the brilliant and interesting booklet that accompanies and explains this musical job.
Spinoza flutters in every angle, in every note, to not only depart from the reading of his texts but also from the titles of the tracks themselves chosen by his philosophical works. Another beautiful record signed by the Italian collective with the "doubles i", another clear demonstration that Italian jazz doesn't fear any comparison, inside and out of itself. Very beautiful, as always, the cd’s packaging.

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