martedì 10 giugno 2014

Review of Terra by Jonas Löffler, 2014

Young, born in 1988, talented and with a great curriculum German guitar player Jonas Löffler makes his recording debut with a simply impeccable CD.
I recently noticed a new trend for the new recruits for the classical guitar: if in the past, even recently, the musicians preferred to divide themselves between classical and contemporary repertoire, specializing in each of them, their students today have a broader vision proposing as their first works wider recorded repertoires, able to range easily inside the entire repertoire .
I think it's a sign of the times: greater openness, greater flexibility , a broader musical vision , improved technical capacity and, why not, also the need to be able to respond better to the demands of the public and the music market .
Jonas Löffler meets these requirements perfectly at ease in moving an imaginary recital ranging from Bach BVW 998 , Tellur fur Gitarre solo by Murail, from the Renaissance by John Dowland to Tiento by Ohana and the Romanticism by Sor and De Falla. No problem, all nicely played, showing maturity and a preparation technique and interpretation that could get older and “oiled” musician envy. One of the best classical guitar records I have listen to in this first half of 2014, and a perfect presentation for this young guitarist who definitely do not lack about capacity, talent and ability.
I would add one more star for the excellent recording quality and a praise for the packaging of the CD and for the black and white photos made by same Löffler himself. I hope to have the opportunity to meet him in person in Italy .

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