giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Review of Light Shadows of Ideas by Trio Chitarristico di Bergamo, M.A.P., 2013

I don’t think that things have gone easily, expecially in the beginning for the italian Trio Chitarristico di Bergamo, I do not think that the traditional repertoire of works abound for guitar’s trio the moment I just remember the Trio for guitars (Rondo für drei Guitars) by Paul Hindemith. Sure, transcriptions can help but in fact it is true that the repertoire in this area is very limited. Therefore it’s necessary to broaden the limits asking new compositions to contemporary authors that in those times are proving generous attentions towards our favorite instrument. It now seems that the famous Berliotz’s quote about composing for classical guitar is hard to do because you have to be first learn the instruments and be a guitarists (instead I still have serious doubts about electric guitar) is no longer true: contemporary repertoire has long embraced and chose the guitar as one of its point of reference. It is a further testimony this album, "Light Shadows of Ideas" named by a composition by Giorgio Mirto, included in this record. First, I suggest that the Bergamo’s formation composed by Luca Bertocchi, Marco Monzio Compagnoni and Mario Rota has made a so-called "crossing" cd with music all by Italian authors, all living, and with an age of birth ranging from 1957 by Franco Cavallone, author of "Metropolitan Sonatina" composed in 2013 specifically for the Trio Sonata and where the name should be interpreted as the concept of "playing together", to 1977 by Marco de Biasi author of the most rigorous and serial "Eires" composed for the Trio Nahual and published in 2009. Other songs are: "Capriccio", originally composed for the Trio Donizetti's 1992 song that reflects the dodecaphonic experiences by composer Antonio Brena, the "Voci dell’Anima", also dedicated to Trio Donizetti made by composer and guitarist Dario Caruso, "On Bentu" composed by Giorgio Mirto and inspired by the winds of Mistral, Scirocco and Tramontana that sweep the seas of Sardinia. Giorgio Mirto signs also the passage in three parts "Open Space" which opens the CD. Last but not least "Valse Road Dream" by guitarist and composer Andrea Nosari from Bergamo.
My personal opinion about this record is that we have a great, interesting job not only for the skills of the performers but for the richness of the repertoire, all works by Italian authors and for guitars trio, one thing that I hope will not fail to attract the public and other performers attentions.
Just a note in closing: perhaps Berlioz had not that much wrong, with the exception of Antonio Brena all composers on this records are also guitar’s player ....

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