martedì 16 febbraio 2016

Interview with Nicolò Renna by Andrea Aguzzi on Blog Chitarra e Dintorni

Hello Nicolò, how did your idea of ​​youtube Chitarra Classica Italia channel start?

Hello Andrea, the idea just comes from my desire to experiment and play on the instrument trying to create new and unique songs, which are the mirror of my artistic soul; from this experience I had the input to expand my concept of creating music and then, stimulated by the fact that I know many guitarists who are valid composers and arrangers, I thought it was only right to create a meeting point where everyone can deal with others and thus strengthen more and more the idea that you have to trust your instincts trying to look for new musical paths, maybe never explored. Then the Channel will be a reference for creative guitarists who will be able to share together a common project that is the "play with music" to pull off something original and unique.

What should distinguish this channel from the more or less professional ones already on the web?

On the web we can now really find millions of youtube channels that deal with classical guitar, but for the most part, these channels deal with classical or chamber repertory ; then there are the various composers guitarists who with great courage and effort, day after day try to make known their music. The youtube Chitarra Classica Italia channel has the intention to bring together all these composers and arrangers trying to create a catchment area where those who enter know they can listen to classical guitar from another point of view. This channel is unique in its own style, because so far no one has ever dedicated a well-defined creative guitarists space.

Who can contribute to this channel and how?

In this channel can join all classical guitarists who want to present their ideas both original songs that the original arrangements they have created. They will be published only the videos that have professional quality audio, a video resolution of 1080p and possibly even a minimum of video direction. To submit videos for the preparation of Chitarra Classica Italia you can write to the email

Can composers and pieces already registered with the SIAE be charged on the channel and how?

They can also join us compositions already registered to SIAE without limits and constraints, initially we will deal only with us to promote on youtube and various social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

For composers .. do you think to publish only their videos or even their music?

This is really a very interesting question; at this time we are not an edito,  we are concerned about posting videos on youtube and advertise on social networks, in the future if the project will be significantly expanded one could even think of publishing scores. In any case, the composer who will publish the video on our youtube channel, will have the opportunity to enter a personal link in the video description where he can sell and distribute their music.

What goals do you propose in terms of visits and visibility on the web and on social networks?

Our goals are long-term course; On facebook already exists, since 2014, the group of Chitarra Classica Italia with more than 1000 members, Italian and international guitarists, this is already a good start. The fundamental concept that will bring up the project is: "Unity is strength", ie the more we are proposing interesting music and more chances of success and visibility it will have in the future.

What are your future career plans?

Currently expect, in 15 days, the release of the first video clip on youtube channel Chitarra Classica Italia; It will be the first video which will open the channel and it will be an original composition titled Vortex, composed and interpreted by 90100 Guitar Duo to which I belong with the talented guitarist Antonino Argento. In parallel I am already planning for 2016 to record my solo album that will contain original compositions for solo guitar and probably tracks with broader formations.

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