martedì 4 dicembre 2012

Review of Genteel by Giacomo Fiore

Italian Translation

Giacomo Fiore plays indeed in kind and pleasantly melodic way, Genoese moved to the United States to follow his love for guitar and studying with David Tanenbaum, after having begun with Armando Corsi (a guitarist so genial as a underrated in our country, for the ones who didn't know him I suggest to listen to him playing in the live records of Ivano Fossati).
Fiore here realizes a particular cd approaching together colors, lights, shades and very different musical waves among them, he spaces from the Renaissance Ricercare IV and Fantasia XXXIII of Francis by Francesco di Milano to the Sonata in A Major by Domenico Scarlatti, to the Mediterranean dances Stefania and Tarantella by Pasquale Taraffo, to the Beatleses of Yesterday and In my Life, to the manuscripts for lute of an as anonymous as genial Scottish author, to the contemporaries To Dance for Muriel by Morel and to the very beautiful Sakuras Variation by Yocoh and the yearning interpretation of Farewell to Stromness by  Peter Maxwell Davies (of which have spoken in my review of British Guitar Music of Graham Anthony Devine) that has brought me to the mind the memoirs of a great journey to Orkney of so much, long time ago.
Giacomo Fiore shows with this autoproduced record and purchasable on cdbaby to have a noteworthy stylistic mastery of his instrument, not only in classical and contemporary repertoire but also folk and pop emonstrating vast interestses and an omnivorous vision for the guitar. Very good, we will listen to him soon in radio on my radio program Guitars Speak.

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