lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Review of Music by Detlev Müller-Siemens, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Vergo, 2001


Italian Translation

Do you know those days of bad weather? While still it’s not raining but the sky is full of heavy clouds moving quickly, moving in any direction by strong winds at high altitude? And we, children, sitting on the ground to enjoy this spectacle of nature that surrounds us, penetrates us, makes us feel a little smaller and leaner in our ideas, in our human ambitions.

The music contained on this CD, where the Ensemble Phoenix Basel plays exclusively the music of composer Detlev Müller-Siemens realized for ensemble, seems to go in this direction, blocks, cloudy mass of sounds moving in a dimensional space, following a sometimes apparent chaos, sometimes following what appear to be rationally predetermined paths.The CD begins with the cycle "Phoenix 1-3", it seems to be present during the initial stages of a concert when the musicians rehearse a few steps, tune their instruments, until the director makes his entrance and the concert can begin, a moment of quiet initial chaos, which gradually takes shape in the unfolding of the piece when the musical material gradually takes shape, is transformed, is deformed following certain rules given by the composer. Policies that invest directly all three pieces that move in the same space and have a common base, while having each their autonomy, moving between the extremes of a compact shade and a straight intricate melody.
"Light blue, almost white" refers to a text by Samuel Beckett, from which Müller-Siemens associates 'light blue' to a a basic sad trend as you can find in cool-jazz, but also in Japanese art. 'Almost White' was based on the breath, a sound, a sound base.The title "Cuts" has a double significance: it refers both to the cuts, the turning points in time and even to "physical" cuts for longitudinal sections, chants alternated with faint musical voices, almost murmuring, sounds almost dilated to open spaces ...As I said before, this is not simple or easy music, we're on new territories, often with only sketchy maps, whose exploration takes time, trust and passion. Have fun!

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