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Review of La Guitare et L’Organiste, Laura Mondiello plays Cèsar Franck, Stradivarius 2013

This is a curious record, this one played by Laura Mondiello with a strange title: what the guitar has to do or has in common with the horgan?
Or perhaps I should say, with the Harmonium, also called Orgue espressif, an instrument in vogue in the second half of the nineteenth century.
Wikipedia informs us that Cesar Franck was a composer, organist and music teacher born in Belgium and he was is one of the most important figures in French musical life in the second half of the nineteenth century. About organ music his most important pieces, twelve scores, were composed between 1860 and 1890, and they are:

- Six Pièces pour Grand-Orgue (1. Fantaisie en do majeur, op. 16 2. Grande pièce symphonique, Op. 17 3. Prélude, Fugue et Variation, Op. 18 4. Pastorale, Op. 19 5. Prière , op. 20 6. Final, op. 21)
- Trois Pièces pour Grand-Orgue (1. Fantaisie en la majeur, 2. Cantabile 3. Pièce Héroïque)
- Trois Chorals (1890) (1. Choral en mi majeur 2. Choral en si mineur 3. Choral en la mineur), his last work.

About a dozen other works for organ were published posthumously including a collection of very short and elementary scorse known as "the organist".
This album sees the classical guitar by Laura Mondiello protagonist of a new repertoire of songs specially arranged for her, all organ compositions arranged for classical guitar, a work directly inspired by the arrangements made by Segovia, who first sensed the expressive potential of these musics for his guitar.
Compared to Segovia Laura Mondiello plays 31 passaged of Franck, embracing a broader time horizon, creating a series of delightful music miniatures.
This project also tests the collaboration with tha italian virtuoso Giuseppe Carrer , thanks to which it was possible to enrich the project with the famous triptych Prelude, Fugue et Variation, Op. 18, part of the collection of the Six pieces pour Grand Orgue, which ideally close the CD.
Another excellent recording work proposed by the independent Italian label Stradivarius and another confirmation of the musical skills of Laura Mondiello that, again for Stradivarius, played in a beautiful Humoresque registered with Stefano Grondona.
I mention too the excellent  recording and editing made by Andrea Dandolo and Giuseppe Carrer.

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