venerdì 2 agosto 2013

Review of Yaron Hasson, Diwan Suite, 2000 ZuTa Music

Yaron Hasson is an Israeli classical guitarist with a solid cultural and technical training. His discography includes recordings of music by Bach and traditional Spanish classical. On this cd he discexplores his origins playing Yemenite Jewish devotional music derived from tradition.

All songs on this fashinated CD have been composed by him,although sometimes I got the feeling listening to, that Hasson almost improvises his music by combining a myriad of themes and ideas. The result is a nice, sophisticated, melodic and poignant music.
Yaron Hasson is a great guitar player and he knows both how to search and create a new repertoire and to point out his skill and his classical training.

Complicated instrument the classical guitar, also grappling with a limited repertoire and looking for new spaces. Hasson springs from the source of his popular and traditional music to create new music for his instrument, music that can be heard as a pleasant sound carpet and at the same time may attract other musicians and push the boundaries of traditional repertoire. We are light years away from some tricky contemporary music. The music here is nice and catchy and I think that if played live would be perfectly capable of attracting the attention of an audience unaccustomed to classical music.

Keep in mind.

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