giovedì 21 novembre 2013

Interview with Tatyana Ryzhkova – by Giuseppe Chiaramonte second part

Giuseppe Chiaramonte: When and where are you going to play next?
Tatyana Ryzhkova: I don’t know, when the questions will be published, so I could just answer that all of my future and past concerts you can find on my homepage I constantly update my website, so you can find all the dates and news there.

Giuseppe Chiaramonte: Recently, your first solo guitar CD “Tatyana Ryzhkova - Guitar” was released. Could you tell us something about this project?
Tatyana Ryzhkova: Oh yes! This project was very important for me. It was like a summing up of the whole my work in the last few years. I have recorded only the best and the most favorite pieces from my current program. There was also a world premiere of the CD: a wonderful piece of Dutch composer Jean Sevriens “Suite pour Tatyana”, which was dedicated to me. I love this music, I find myself and my soul in each bar of the music, and it was a great pleasure for me to play this piece.
During the recording there was one more very important thing for us, the main target: to record the most natural (!) guitar sound. If you have ever recorded your playing, you will know how difficult it is to record the guitar sound most clear, deep, voluminous, warm and with the perfect balance between trebles and basses, just the sound that you hear with your own ears, when you are playing or hear somebody playing. Unfortunately, very often it doesn’t work or you just hear the “perfect” electronic sound that is made by all that high-tech things. Sometimes you can hear that the sound is “perfect”, but you also hear that it is dead.
So we paid a lot of attention to the sound and, I think, we achieved great results: the sound on the CD is natural, perfect and alive.

Giuseppe Chiaramonte: Who is your favourite classical music composer?

Tatyana Ryzhkova: I don’t have a favourite composer. I mean, I love music and not the composer. Which music I like to hear depends always on my mood, time and situation. All composers have their best and worst pieces. Generally, I like baroque, classical, romantic, Spanish and tango music. First of all, I like the music that touches my heart, and if it really touches me it doesn’t matter if it is the music by Vivaldi, Brahms, Schönberg or Anonym.

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