martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Review of " @" by Thurston Moore and John Zorn , Tzadik 2013

How nice to see them play together these two “eternal guys”, the giant Moore and the bespectacled Zorn, both smiling on the obi that accompanies the CD . What I have hoped for a long time at least it happened: the best of the underground New York after years of close and not always easy cohabitation meet and play together . As a fan of both Zorn and Sonic Youth I have coveted this collaboration, I say it now so you already know that I love this cd .

I like it, yes, but I would not recommend it at all. I only recommend to:

1 ) Zorn and Sonic’s fanatics like me ;

2 ) those who want to listen to an unparalleled combination between sax and electric guitar.

The other please refrain . And this is why:

1 ) this CD does not add anything new to the discographies of these two illustrious personages . They sound like they have always played , so this record is absolutely indispensable only for a fan of strict observance . For those wishing to get to know these two gentlemen there are other titles of their long discography that must obtain before .

2 ) It ' a great record . Forget about who is playing and listen to with ears as much as possible " virgins." It ' a record about improvisations , played with great skill and consummate craft by two experts in the field in a combination (saxophone and guitar ) not exactly easy to find on the market. These two have a great interplay , they are good , consummate professionals and do not hold back.  Sure, I agree Zorn is 60 years old and Moore 55 , certainly are no more kids and the anger and the fury expressed in the '80s has long evaporated in favor of a skilled pro. So if you are expecting some surprises or Copernican revolutions : Zorn is always Zorn and Moore is always Moore.
But let me also say that , but what the hell we want more from these two? They are on the scene from a long time , have been and are two real cultural and artistic engines and continue to do their part with always steadfast , genuine and sincere enthusiasm. Without them, underground New York would be more sad, grunge would never have taken off and we would be orphans of so many beautiful music .

So what? Long life to "@ " , long life to passageslike For Derek and Evan Moore and long life to Zorn, Moore and Tzadik, long life to these two incorrigible characters to whom I’m genuinely and honestly fond and that I have never been disappointed.

Thanks again "boys" .. thanks for the example , thank you for your passion and for the example that has always given. Criticize you ? Let them do as well. This record is the perfect tribute to your consistency and artistic ethics.

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