martedì 1 aprile 2014

Interview with Maestro Giacomo Parimbelli

Dear Maestro, shall we take stock of the situation? I knewyou as a writer, then a performer, a teacher, a promoter of festivals and cultural events related to the guitar and now as the editor of a new set of guitar strings made by the italian Dogal ... you definitely can’t get bored ...

Why the decision to collaborate for this new set of strings and what are its special features?

Dear Andrea , first of all thank you for this question. The strings for guitars seem to be a featured exclusively tied to the desired sound’s volume. Instead I have seen that are very little related on the response and fatigue - loading for instrument and hands.
For my musical aesthetic I’m looking for soft but sounding strings, but without forgetting the harmony . Many classical strings today often occur only metallic sounds, bringing classical guitar closer to folk sonorities . Well these Infinito Dogal strings, that are at the moment in a process of continuous improvement would satisfy seekers of sweet and treatable sounds.

Why did you choose to work with the italian Dogal company? I’m Venetian so I'm happy for this collaboration. Dogal is an historical company in this business ...
The Dogal proved to be the only italian string maker scompamny interested about this research, which already distinguished itself with the well-known Amato series. Which is why I thought that they wouldn’t have denied the availability "to search for the ideal string."

Do you expect a further testing phase for these strings?

I'm answering today, although these questions are laying on my desk for almost two years. This means we're still studying the “dream string”, but for now I am satisfied with the whole thing, or the relationship between string, instrument and player. It’s like if the player places itself between the instrument and the guitar strings, they are two very distinct parts, independent of each other, but at the same time mutually influenced.

One of the longstanding problems about classical guitar is its limited sound’s volume in comparison with other classical instruments which makes it difficoult to listen to played in ensembles, maybe these strings can give a help in this regard?

Dear Andrea , when a guitarist begins to doubt about the sound volume is out of range.
Even the most intimate guitar can be listen to if played in the right music room.

I have noticed that you are often invited to perform and teach in Norway, how is the cultural situation over there?

Norwegians enjoy the classical guitar, from Carulli but they don’t overdo it with some dark post- twentieth century . They love sweet music and in particular the Italian one between first 600 and 900. And this is the music I regularly when I sit in front of them .

Some time ago we complained along with the lack of contact , the difficulty of being a musician active in Italy , how is going now? The crisis .. the Gelmini reform ... the culture mocked and humiliated ... Do you know that in Venice an ordinary citizen can no longer enter the conservatory ? .. The door opens only with a magnetic badge ... but what are we doing? What are you doing ?

They are trying to force us musicians to avoid the SIAE, to be paid with no tassex services, to ring the bells the night at the home of politicians and so it goes ... or to put the pizzas in our guitar’s cases. But art does not need any hype, it goes on alone and pure. Great to find themselves today , good to meditate and pray , great for those who can not make the full-time hermit .

What will be your next steps ? What are you working on?

I recently wrote a method for guitar in poetry and an essay on the historical dynasty of violin makers Rovetta ... between a book and the other , I continue the study of unpublished Italian repertoire of the first 900 .

Last question , let's turn to the music of the three JP Sartre’s questions about literature : Why do you make music ? And again: what is the place of those who make music in contemporary society? How music can contribute to the evolution of this society?

Is the Pope Catholic? Music, the right one for the human being , can even makes my parrots singing is played in the right way.

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