venerdì 26 settembre 2014

Review of “The Sauna Session” by Piero Bittolo Bon’s Lacus Amoenus ft. Peter Evans, Long Song Records, 2014

A sweaty summer session of radical free music!” So quotes the note accompanying this CD characterized by an unusual and beautiful graphics, made by the talented Lucia D'Errico, this time quoted not as a guitarist but for her psychedelic graphic style: bright colors, curious design, even a red cat equipped with one eye and an anatomical representation of a smiling minimal human body. 

For this cd Piero Bittolo Bon has decided to move the band, Peter Evans (trumpet), Simone Massaron the guitars, Glauco Benedetti tuba) and Tommaso Cappellato (drums), in a studio equipped with sauna (or in a sauna equipped with a recording studio ) in the hope that the Finnish vapors obtained by throwing water on the hot stones would improve concentration and permit high peaks of creativity in which his associates have long since become accustomed.
The result rewards definitely the choice of this steamy and hot free jazz sauna: it is a real musical session defined by high intensity and temperature. All the musicians struggle very hard giving a hot performance, in particularly the “brass area” supported by the thrust generous and tenacious percussion by Cappellato and the guitar inventions by Massaron.
Yet another quality choice by our italian Long Song Records, another certificate from the Italian jazz. Go on, Piero! Never Stop!

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