venerdì 19 settembre 2014

Giuseppe Chiaramonte interviewed by Alida Altemburg

Born in Italy in 1985, Giuseppe Chiaramonte debuted as a classical guitar concert artist at the age of 15 and has performed many concerts throughout Italy, meeting with a notable audience and critical success everywhere he has played. 
Among these, he played as solo at the prestigious International Guitar Festival “Brescia Chitarra”, at the International Music Festival “Infinitamusica”,  and with the Microkosmos Orchestra at Museo Diocesano in Milan.

Here he is interviewed by Alida Altenburg.

Hello Giuseppe, I would like to thank you to be here with me in this space! In this period you held many concerts and recorded an album. Would you like to tell me more about your last tour?
In my last concert tour I was involved in Milan, Berlin and Lecce. In Milan, during a hand-made-guitar exhibition , it was a very informal concert, one of those where people interact with you between a piece and another, and maybe even make you some (unlikely!) repertoire request! At the end of the performance a very good guitarist has approached asking for lessons with me (it’s one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you at the end of a performance!) and now he is already a student of mine. The Berlin concert was focused on Spanish music, it was held  at a prestigious and elegant KunstSalon, and that is what I consider my real international debut ... it continues on:

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