giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Review of WaveFields by Rafael Toral, Moikay 1995

Rafael Toral is a Portuguese electronic engineer with the great passion for music. His sounds tutelar numis are John Cage and Brian Eno: parallel convergences? In a certain sense yes, from both oh them he draws the ideas of music as a process, as pure sound in itself, as an opposition between noise and silence, as the use of an instrument as generator of possibility.
Accomplice the fact to work at those times in a radio network, he begins to think to as to combine among them these influences and to produce a new idea of ambient music. He starts playing an electric guitar Fender Jaguar and starts to record long traces of microtonal ambient. The meeting with Jim O'Rourke makes the rest, Jim produces his first records and introduces him in the New York’s environment. Toral starts to collaborate with Phil Niblock and Rhys Chatham and meet the sonic youth that in that years statred its sonic fly. More. He helps to create a new scene in Portuguese avant-garde, a group of musicians and laptop’s player that really in that years begins to move the first footsteps under the careful eye of The Wire magazine (what will also publish an interesting compilation).
Three the passages in this cd, microtonal ambient we said, layer of sounds produced through the interaction of an ebow and his guitar, blankets of feedback and white noise mixed among them for a sound that becomes substance. Toral has been able to free himself from certain ideas of casualness by Cage however and to overcome the concept of music as "wallflower", as background of Eno’s idea, proposing a personal and interesting project, developed then with other cd and a definitive conversion to pure electronic music.
Very, very beautiful.

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