martedì 19 maggio 2015

Review of I Never Meta Guitar Three, Clean Feed 2015

Elliott Sharp continues his intelligent work for the Portuguese label Clean Feed, one of the most interesting labels in recent years, with this third volume of the series "I Never Meta Guitar",  involving the creation of a anthology series of CDs featuring only guitar solos. The formula, so simple as consolidated, asks to a guitarist to think, perform and record one solo and it has proved to be an excellent vehicle of communication and information about everything new and interesting growing and developing in the shadow of the s called in the avant-garde guitar. Personally I immediately get my money when I see something new like this because now I'm absolutely sure of the quality of the proposals that contain similar operations. This issue includes no less than 18 guitarists, with 18 tracks, all committed to condense in a few minutes their personal vision of music and art, difficult if not impossible to select a song rather than another in view of the extremely high quality expressed by the musicians involved, I try to point out the interesting use of overtones by John King in his "Overtones for the Underdog", the "Fingertruppen" Brandon Seabrook, "Mystery Loves Company" by Jim Mcauley. I apologize if, being Italian, I am proud to mention the presence of my friends Simone Massaron with his "Willie" and Alessandra Novaga with "Untitled". Pay attention to this collection and if you have not already get, buy all 3 cd produced so far, you will not be disappointed, it is certainly not about easy listening music, but the most intelligent and creative evolutionary lines of contemporary guitar.

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