giovedì 18 giugno 2015

Review of Fretless Guitar The Definitive Guide by Jeff Berg

Fretless guitar is a fascinating, complex and enigmatic instrument. People talk about it but  it you are interested about it and you might to want to try or buy one of these guitars is always difficult to find points of reference, the precise directions on what to look for, what to buy and especially what and how to change on a common guitar. Fretless Guitar The Definitive Guide by Jeff Berg is the first and only book written about the fretless guitar and is therefore the first thing to buy and read if you are interested about this particular instrument.
The book has a clear purpose of technical disclosure: there are many photos and explanations about specific materials to be taken and abot the best solutions to built a fretless guitar, there's a good overview regarding the "unfretted" festivals, CDs and records made with this instrument, guitarists who play it and which techniques  is better to use right now to make the most of the qualities of this instrument.
Personally I recommend the purchase: you will save a lot of time avoiding unlikely solutions, mistakes and you will have an immediate idea of ​​the potential and the difficulties that lie ahead. Berg, while maintaining an optimistic and proactive tone towards fretless guitars, doesn't hidden difficulties, limitations and risks. And that's what you would expect from a book of this kind. You will find very beautiful pictures and a very rich and exhaustive list of guitarists who play this instrument, their discography and its historical evolution.

The book is available directly from, link:

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