giovedì 23 luglio 2015

Review of Mansarda, Improvvisatore Involontario

Welcome in Mansarda ! How many things can be found there above? You start this record and the voice of an annoyed cat informs us that she spasmodically desires with Marylin’s purrs a red new dress … is she real? Is she playing or is she having fun of Amalia Grè? And why as soon as she keep silent it seems that in the Mansarda drop a bomb? Maybe .. is this the mansard of the Naked City still alive? Jazz Punk core? You know the score? Then quiet? The dust slowly deposits around … The same voice that weaves itself to the breaths of a liquid and hypnotic guitar? Strange titles: who can dance ever a "Vorticoso (Whirling) twist?" Who will live in a "Interno Maceratese (Inside Maceratese)?" Who has seen never the "Tony Blair witch project" and does he stay alive later above all? Which of you have ever read "Ther last letters of Alberto Fortis (Le ultime lettere di Alberto Fortis)" and did they taste like strawberry indeed? Has Henry ever arrived to Hollywood?
What’s the job of Giacomo Ancillotto’s guitar? Does it play with Chuck Berry and Peter Gunn?
A moment, inisde the Mansard of Improvvisatore Involontario there is this and other interesting things. And on the other hand who do you think could furnish in this way a proper mansard for the cat of Alice in the Wonderland? Extemporaneous creations, divergent improvisations, rough songs, highly unstable groove, acids reeds and precarious guitars.
Well I think I will enjoy myself a lot in this Mansarda .. have you ever seen that I find here all the Aristocats band?

Muy divertido!

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