mercoledì 5 agosto 2015

Review of Cinefantastique by Gary Lucas, NSPY, 2013

With his Cinefantastique record Gary Lucas makes a very personal collection of movie sountracks performed mainly with only his acoustic guitar but also with an elaborate pedals and effects set that enables him to create any necessary atmosphere and musical accompaniment. This CD is really beautiful, interesting, creative, full of good ideas, and it is yet another confirmation of the prodigious musical talent by Gary Lucas, always ready to play using a spectacular, yet never over-invasive technique.
Records like this are not new, many guitarists, including Italians, like climbing reinterpreting film music, the same Lucas is not new to such initiatives and has performed live music for silent films for decades and, in fact two of the songs on the CD were already on his first solo album, long out of print, Skeleton at the Feast. While some of these songs are well-known film themes, others are more obscure, and some have been written or improvised by Lucas himself. Cinefantastique is a beautiful collection that manages to redefine the concept of "guitar solo" for the listener who is not familiar with the work of Lucas and solo work. Entr'acte's 20 minutes are simply exceptional .

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