mercoledì 12 agosto 2015

Review of Melodie Popolari Calabresi per Chitarra by Francesco Domenico Stumpo, Sinfonica, 2015

Edizioni Musicali Sinfonica realizes this book of musics by the composer Francesco Domenico Stumpo, accompanied by the recording on CD of the same music by the italian guitarist Giuseppe Chiaramonte.
Maestro Stumpo is not new about creating scores for guitar bound to the Calabrian tradition, having already released the song Dance with Calaraba for the anthology called "Dusan Bogdanovic presents" for the italian publisher Carish. In this book / CD he presents this collection of eight songs, all with characteristics linked to the popular tradition of Calabria. As written by the composer in the introduction the purpose of these passages is to give an educational value and to present Calabrian musical tradition and guitar. The guitar is present in the regional tradition in the form of ""chitarra battente" and French (acoustic) guitar and so in this context, the classical guitar lends itself easily into a crossover role, or better, of a cultural bridge between a popular tradition and a form linked to the academic tradition -classica.It seems to me that in this sense the music of Francesco Domenico Stumpo have not failed to seize and realize this ideal transition avoiding the risk of falling into a formal trivialization and crystallization of structures related to a popular clichés and a predominantly oral tradition and free from rigid defined structures .
These scores, of intermediate difficulty level, have been fingered and recorded by Giuseppe Chiaramonte allowing even the simple amateur to venture himself in execution confronting, listening to and  immediately finding an easier fulfillment in his study.Often contemporary composers have locked them selves in their ivory towers, considering themselves the only guardians and priests of the musical art, looking for a perfect self-indulgent and devoid of any content. I think that Maestro Stumpo's music goes to another direction: biology teaches us that hybrids are never an easy thing, but can give great satisfaction.

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