lunedì 28 settembre 2015

Review of Sfiorando il Contemporaneo by Matteo Rigotti, Diffusione Arte Edizioni

The idea is simple and beautiful and effective. In 2012 Matteo Rigotti was involved in a music competition for kids along with guitar school led by Angela Tagliariol, by this experience was born the idea to try to let the students playing his own scores.
After all what more can you ask a composer? Listening to his own music, possibly played by fingers and by people other than their own, try a subtle emotion, the adrenaline rush that comes when you feel that those blacks signs on the lines of a pentagram come to life and become a vibration in the air, open themselves into sound, release the emotions contained in them, convey ideas, experiences, when you see your mental buildings living through the hands of another person who re-read your thoughts in their own way, interpreting it in his own way, showing another point of view, another possible way forward, when you listen to your ephemeral creatures living for the time that you have the intended and to which they must succumb to the laws of physics that are expected to Cage's willing, that sounds even noise, unlike the images have a beginning and an end.
So Matteo Rigotti has tried and not only he played his musical material, his music teaching guitar, but he also recorded freezing this experience, this memory in this CD that's running on my drive tonight. The result is a CD with 19 tracks divided in this way

- Dieci Miniature per chitarra: ten short songs, ten tracks with all possible guitar's style.
- Duettando: six short compositions of challenging levels designed for a first instrument's approach
- Winter Nights: contrapuntal dialogue performed by Enarmonia Guitar Ensemble, born for a composing music for children's competition
- Ninna nanna per un sogno: always played by Enarmonia Guitar Ensemble, a lullaby designed by a tired father who tries to make her baby to sleep
- Crazy Dance: the most complex piece of the cd performed by a  guitar quartet: Francesca Agostinis, Giulio Bertolo, Marco Dassie and Riccardo Sist.  Born "with the purpose of highlighting some of the techniques executed by the guitar."
A nice experience for the composer but I also think for guitar students who have lent their talent and their instruments, a good idea to replicate.

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