giovedì 1 novembre 2012

Reviews of Respuesta by Stefano Grondona and Humoresque by Stefano Grondona and Laura Mondiello


Respuesta by Stefano Grondona

Respuesta a response, response to redeem the image of a great composer like Llobet, whose production has remained largely unexplored and studied. Stefano Grondona creates a new event with this recording on a double CD, a recording acclaimed by critics and that was presented as Editor's Choice by Gramophone. The program includes the integral recording of works for solo guitar by Llobet included the famous Catalan songs, there are pages of great charm and commitment as the variciones sobre un tema de Sor, Respuesta that gives the title to the CD and other musics like the Five Preludes and three Estilos Argentinos, compositions by Quijano that makes reference to the period spent in Argentina. As a supplement it is added a series of transcriptions and arrangements made by the Catalan composer, expressions of "glances that from the Catalan spirit of Llobet were given to the music by countries that he has visited in its own past experiences" as the same Grondona writes in the nice booklet accompanying the double CD. In this "mixed dish" I suggest the Mazurka de Severina by the Italian Federico Bufaletto, "report of personal satisfaction" of the genovese guitarrist.
Grondona achieves here a world of sound, new and nostalgic at the same time, linked to that direct and privileged connection that he has managed to establish with the bets eight-twentieth-century lutherie represented here by the Torres guitar, model 1887 which he used for recording which seems to be in his hands directly spokesman of the sensitive and delicate soul of the Catalan composer, leaving the listener astonished by such skill and beauty. A recording to own and treasure in your own discoteque, for guitarists and not. Here we goe far beyond the simple appreciation for one instrument and its repertoire.

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