martedì 6 novembre 2012

Review of Capriccio Diabolico by Eva Fampas, 2007 Bèrben

Eva Fampas is a Greek guitarist, an excellent musician that unites a noteworthy technical ability to a strong expressiveness and temperament. She shows it very well in his 2007 excellent record for the Italian Bèrben where she performs, with the only exception of the Capriccio Diabolico by M. Castelnuovo Tedesco, about twenty passages of Greek composers. I confess my ignorance for the "cultured" Greek music, even if I love Greek country, its tradition and people I have never had the possibility to deepened its culture and popular music. With this record it is given me the chance to listen to it: the music played by Mrs Fampas are all very beautiful ones, yearning and slightly melancholy. They bring to the mind immages of warm summer evenings in front of their beautiful sea and of small places bleached under the light of the sun and ulivi’s cultivations.
Almost all the music of this cd are in premiere recording and of authors of the XX century, I signal you: Study on Ancient Greek Harmonies (6 passages) by Petros Tabouris (1964), Four Brazilian Pieces  by Walter Branco (1929) Five Songs From the movies by Manos Hadjidakis (1925-1944 transcribed for guitar by Tasos Karakatsanis and Dimitris Fampas, Barcarola by Gerasimos Pylarinos (1949), Baiao lunar by Andersen Viana, Estudes of Style by Amarantos Amarantidis and the Greek Dances for two Guitars by Dimitri Fampas (1922 -1996) played together with Kostas Tseregof.
Over one hourly of Greek music for guitar, indeed very beautiful, an interesting repertoire indeed, very melodic, very pleasant, distant years light from Darmstadt and surely more next to the neoclassic ideas of Castelnuovo Tedesco. According to me it is to rediscover, I hope you won't always play the same things, isn’t true?

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