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Review of Liuto con Forza by Peter Soderberg, Phono Suecia 2010

Italian Translation

Some times ago I had reviewed here on the blog the beautiful cd by Magnus Anderrson "Chitarra con Forza", edited in 1988 by the label Phono Suecia. Now I find myself to review and above all to listen to this "Liuto con Forza" always produced in 2010 for the same record label.
A case? A concurrence? Certainly, twenty-two years are not a day and for a small independent record company they sound like geologic ages, but surely a certain line of affinity is noticed among the two records.
Peter Soderberg is Swedish, class 1957. He has an exceptional curriculum having studied to the Royal College of Music and in the Schola Cantorum Basilensis in the '80. Soderberg is not a "normal" musician formed by classical training, he loves to improvise, to rehandle and to elaborate the music and what could be better then the lute and the Renaissance music to explore these possibilities? From there to explore the contemporary music … well it seems an easy step, so Soderberg begins to frequent this repertoire, to transcribe and thing more important to ask to the composers to consider the possibility to write new pieces for the lute, an instrument “tied up” from centuries to a rigid musical iconography.
So .. when you listen to this cd you have a kind of cultural shock is listened it is had. You hear the sweet notes of the lute and automatically your mind prepares itself to the listening of the ancient music while the ears are reached by the contemporary music. A small short circuit that makes listening even more the interesting and intense. Very beautiful and even more beautiful to see and to listen to these novelties, we need people that dare and try new paths and roads.
Musics by Bengt Hambraeus, Ivo Nilsson, Erik Peters, Lars Ekstrom, Ingvar Karkoff and Kent Olofsson.

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