martedì 18 giugno 2013

Review of No Time (at all) by Diego Castro Magas

It seems not a day passes that the guitar showes the deep interest that “she” rises to the contemporary composers. Diego Castro Magas 's CD also shows this interest across the ocean and more specifically in Chile. It's a very interesting disc, this one titled No Time (at all) and it's for several good reasons, above all for the great instrumental skills showed by Diego Castro Magas, excellent guitarist that here demonstrates all his technical expertise, in secundis for the high quality of compositions recorded here that show the important presence of a school for the Chilean contemporary guitar.

The CD, self-produced by guitarist directly to CDBaby, begins with a classic guitar contemporary “songs” like the two "Algo" by Italian composer Franco Donatoni and ends with No Time (at all) by Brian Ferneyhough, British composer linked to the "new complexity ", along with music by five composers Chilean Pablo Aranda, Cristian Morales Ossio Alejandro Guarello, Hilda Paredes and Francisco Silva.

The dissolution of the time, a new concept of sound in space, the guitar used in an unconventional way they seem to be the foundation of the music played on this CD, as are the ideas of Walter Benjamin, German philosopher, writer and literary critic, quoted several times in the beautiful booklet that accompanies the disc. A dimension of time travel and space hovers in the notes played by the wonderful guitar of Diego Castro Magas, a record that should not be missed in the club of those who are looking for new and interesting “material “to listen to and why not, to be played.
Small note: this CD is entirely self-produced and sold directly by the interpreter on CDBabe at this link:
Excellent recording quality, don't miss it!

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