martedì 11 giugno 2013

Review of The Stroke that kills by Seth Josel, New World Records 2008

Electric guitar gets run over by a car on the highway

This is a crime against the state

This is the meaning of life.

To tune this electric guitar

I do not know if Seth Josel knows Talking Heads, and especially this song on the disc "Fear of Music” entitled Electric Guitar, because the lyrics marries particularly well with the music on this CD released in 2008 for the New York’s label New World Records and entirely dedicated to music composed exclusively for the electric guitar by six different composers in a period of time ranging from 1993 to 2005. The effort and the stylistic work expressed here by the american guitarist seems to be the will to assemble and record a repertoire of music specifically to the electric instrument giving it a dignity equal to that of classical instruments with specially designed pieces. So they are not provided transcriptions of music originally for other instruments, but strictly specific music that makes here use also of the various effects and pedals that are from more than 40 years the common heritage of all electric guitar players no matter the style below. The record starts with dreamy Until It Blaze by Eve Beglarian. Just over ten minutes of delicate melodic overlays generated by the delay effect until the final twisted crash, followed by the epic and melancholic Strum City I, II, III by Alvin Curran for 5 guitars and 2 bass guitars, 12 minutes of distorted Slapback by Michael Fiday, to the clusters of chords of the music that gives its name to the record, The Stroke that Kills by David Dramm, to the almost noise Stoned Guitar / TIG Welder by Gustavo Metamoros closing with the progressive Canon for Six Guitars of Tom Johnson. Certainly not an easy records and perhaps more accessible to those coming from the alternative rock instead of those who have studied in the Conservatory, but anyway this is surely an interesting, innovative record, that leaves many questions and ask to many answers and another test of skill and intelligence by Seth Josel: not everyone is able to play and want to risk like him!


All listening to records

This is a crime against the state

This is the verdict they reach:

Never listen to electric guitar

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