venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Review of Peter Ablinger 33-127 by Seth Josel, Mode Records, 2009

The last discographic work for Seth Josel and Mode Records, printed some months ago is really a curious record from different points of view: first, the truly unusual number of tracks present, ninety-five! Secondly, this is a record where the guitar plays a very unusual role, either solo or in an ensemble, but rather as an interface in the exploration of sound by Peter Ablinger between reality and perception of reality, between the rational division of sound and "noise". In each of the 95 pieces that make up this cd you compare these two aspects in turn: gentle sounds from a simple musical scale played by Josel’s guitar contrasted with moments of pure noise produced by crossing the sounds of everyday urban life with sounds coming from an increasingly skewed and twisted guitar. The comparison is a few seconds of clear and precise sounds as irregulary opposed to spectral turbulent and chaotic rhythm and sounds. It 's the "Rauschen", the vision of sound, the noise by Ablinger: an idea almost monochromatic, without any possible symbolism, where the repetition, monotony, the error and density create and generate a new idea of space, near and in some ways contrary to the ideas of Brian Eno. Just a trick: put the CD in loop an let it run, after a while music will spread through the room like a perfume, like a smell and you will remark here to grasp a piece of clean sound, beyond a few seconds of noise and discovered that it never plays twice in the same way ... .. Somewhere in heaven, Derek Bailey listens and smiles.

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