venerdì 10 agosto 2012

Review of Acustic Guitar Solo by M Tabe

Italian Translation

Sooner or later it had to happen. Electric guitarists don't know how to withstand the charm of a twelve strings acoustic guitar and sooner or later they have to aim it and try to recreate their sonorous topographies with the new instrument.
So also Marco Tabellini decided to play the acoustic guitar following the footsteps of many other guitar player. And this change has left several signs on his style usually so minimal and “dry”.
In comparison to his electric works I warn a greater approach to the ideas of John Fahey: M Tabe plays an abstract and material blues, rhythmically richer and fanciful and with a great melodic vein.
In comparison to his Guitar Improvisation Project produced by AlchEmistica netlabel last year and where he breathed a certain Zen abstractism, here Tabellini seems to draw more to an Europian repertoire having in mind improvisators as Frith and Bailey, giving a great attention to melody and to more defined structure of the passages.
Atmospheric music, suspended and dilated times, great creativeness allied to a great attention for the memory and the tradition, M Tabe continues his bright improvisator’s career adding a new wedge to his production. Please Marco, never stop!

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