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Review of Uses Wrists Grab by Bone, Cuneiform Records, 2003

Italian Translation

I think the name of the group will be perfectly unknown .. I hope much less the names of the musicians involved in this "power trio": Hugh Hopper, from Soft Machine and an infinite number of solo albums and collaborations, has always been a very original composer and extremely influential bass player, the one that you recognized after having heard a single note. Musician, composer, leader of Doctor Nerve and computer programmer, Nick Didkovsky seems to have so many projects and the possibility to follow that it's not possible to understand how he manages to keep going. John Roulat is the drummer of Forever Einstein by Vrtacek Charles, whose CD Opportunity Crosses The Bridge was produced by Didkovsky himself and according to the booklet notes, the two have played together in a rock band in high school.
Uses Wrist Grab is a perfect record to give the electric guitar's fans the opportunity to listen to a great guitarist at work in a situation that seems designed to highlight his skills, namely: intelligence, variety, maturity, passion and massive doses of real fun. The key is the drums of John Roulat: polyrhythmic, flexible, lively, full of verve, very true.
The opening track, To Laugh Uncleanly At The Nurse - already in the repertoire of Fred Frith Guitar Quartet - is interesting. But the highlights of the album are the number two, Foster Wives, Air Trophy: a nice rock guitar riff setting, with a couple of guitar solos very interesting. Same goes for Chaos, No Pasties, with the guitars of Didkovsky that perfectly complement a gloomy and threatening atmosphere. The other surprises: for example, the version for percussion (overdubbed) of Hopper's Hotel Romeo, the work of software that brings to mind some of the procedures of Doctor Nerve, prepared guitars and overdubbed (and the rhythmic accents) of Overlife, Part 1. The cd comes to an end with the interesting and meditative atmosphere of Little End Or Beginning.
I hope that many will listen to this CD, it's not "hard" (not at all), but that is highly creative.

R.I.P. Hugh Hopper

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