martedì 21 agosto 2012

Review of In the Grass by Marc Ducret e Bobby Previte, enja 1998

Italian Translation

Marc Ducret, guitar, and Bobby Previte, drums, are two among the most interesting, productive and revered musician/composers/improvisors of the contemporary/modern jazz. We have the pleasure to listen to them in duo in a record “In the Grass” characterized by a bloody and vivacious sound.
The opening track, “Fifty is a hundred, a hundred is a thousand...” shows very well the "angolar" and distorted style and the fluid and elastic touch of the electric guitar of Ducret while Previte approaches to the his hard and effective rhythm also the sound of electronic keyboards.
In "Very Handy" Ducret loosens the sound of his guitar through rapid, sudden, torrential solos, while in "Du Du Du" he chooses an head to head against the fanciful polyrhythmic structures of Previte that becomes almost furious in "Walking In The Dust."
So these two musicians bite very hard, In the Grass is a record that shows sweat and passion, Ducret knows how to extract sharp and acute sounds from his electric instruments and Previte decidedly refuses to be left in an angle, you can really feel that these two are having a good time and that they know how to draw the best from their collaboration. Beautiful cd, away from so many intellectualisms but surely well played and without any allowance to easy falls of style. Hard and pure. Exceelnt!
Small note for the guitar fetishists: in this record Ducret also plays a fretless and a baritone guitar, always electric.

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