sabato 29 settembre 2012

Interview with Geoffrey Morris, fourth part

Italian Translation
Please tell us five essential records, to have always with you .. the classic five discs for the desert island ...

Frank Sinatra and the Count Bassie Band Live at the Sands
Ives Ensemble plays Morton Feldman TRIO
Anything with Jose Miguel Moreno on it
Anything with Paul O’dette on it
U2 The Josua Tree

What are your five favorite scores?

Franco Donatoni Algo
Morton Feldman The Possibility of New Work
Vaundry de Saizenay manuscript
Sylvano Bussotti Ultima Rara
Maurizio Pisati Sette Studi

Whith who would you like to play? What kind of music do you listen to usually?

I guess when considering who I would most like to play with I think I would always be considering from whom could I learn the most? Probably Jose Miguel Moreno. Presently I listen almost exclusively to early music but my listening habbits go in cycles.

Your next projects? When we will see you playing in Italy?

I am currently mastering a CD of Latin songs with the English tenor Tyrone Landau and a CD of Australian contemporary music which is a compilation of radio recordings. Andrea Tacchi is currently making me an alto guitar so I may come to Italy early in the new year to pick it up but it terms of concerts I’m not sure. I have a young family so at present I travel very little.
The last question …. the Blog is read by several students .. any good advices to give them?
Listen very widely, try to find a new avenue to explore in your repertoire and in terms of technique work towards the most tension free approach. Playing as much chamber music as possible is crucial though. Not only will it sharpen your performance skills in an absolutly essential manner but will also put you in contact with working musicians!

Thank you very much!

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