martedì 11 settembre 2012

Review of Moreagain by Chris Iemulo and Morgane Houdemont, Setola di maiale 2011

Italian Translation

Chris Iemulo seems to confirm a trend  that’s getting more and more evident. Like others his colleagues formed in a Conservatory of classical music he has left the defined paths of the classical repertoire for a more personal research within avant-garde music and improvisation. This thinkg doesn't surprise too much since are more the musicians of classical extraction that, preserving and using the training received in the Conservatories, leave that kind of repertoire devoting themselves to less usual paths and artistic dictionaries. A desire of more liberty? A will to capsize the traditional tested relationship between interpreter and composer? Everything is possible.
In this record always produced by the precious and brave label Setola di Maiale, Ievolo unites his own strength and the strings of his classical guitar with the cleverness and the violin of Morgane Houdemont and if Iemulo comes from the classical circle and from the DAMS scene in Bologna, Houdemont is formed playing Celtic music, jazz and rock, also continuing a personal “journey”into improvisation.
Four the improvisations recorded live in 2010 within a concert of the NeverMetBefore project that helps musicians of different extraction to meet and play without they had never played before together. Risky project. Sometimes risk is worthwhile. This cd is not only a musical representation but testifies the precise process of discovery, merger, assimilation and clash among two musicians, two languages, two dictionaries, two completely different instruments.
The meeting was possible on the grounds of free improvisation, with the tense nerves, ready to pursue every run, to exploit every opening, every melodic, rhythmics, percussive possibility offered by their instrumentss. Charming record that doesn't permit any lack of attention: quick direction’s changes are normal administration. Very good.

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