venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Review of Mauro Giuliani Studi per chitarra by Elena Càsoli (Rivo Alto 1994)

Elena Càsoli Giuliani

Italian Version

In her interview published here on the blog in these days I asked to Elena Càsoli what was hes relationship with tradition and if she played classical pieces in her repertoire. Hes answer showed her relationship with this repertoire in terms of musical and cultural education, showing the link between the study of the tradition and her personal approach to contemporary music. So it’s been with great pleasure that I managed to find this cd made in 1994 with the venetian label Rivo Alto. I think that peple who read this blog (expecially the italian site of Chitarra e Dintorni knows my admiration for the music of Elena Càsoli and therefore will not be surprised by my positive review of this cd. This is an anthology of studies (54 to be exact) featuring the works by Opus 48, 50, 51, 100 and 111 by mauro Giuliani played with great skill and art, 54 musical sketces, musical dreams or dream fragments in sound shape. Elena Càsoli succeeds in creating magical moments of suspension and colorful auroras in which the listener is immersed up, completely loosing himself in the pleasure of the relaxing music by Mauro Giuliani.
I think this is an essential cd for those who plays by themself without a teacher and want to hear a perfect versions of these studies, and a strategically important recording for those who have always seen these musics as simple exercises or borino studies and wants to rediscover them in a new, shining light.

"I think that it’s important to study a particular repertoire or composer, as much as it’s important for every musician to develop an elastic and flexible way of thinking, that shall permit him, to be able to move, I will not say through different styles – an ability that only few artists may have - but through different authors of the same style, enriching their own interpretative perspective and keeping the highest artistic quality." Elena Càsoli

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