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Review of Omaggio a Lorca by Arturo Tallini and Ada Montellanico, MusikStrasse, 2001


Italian Translation

Is it possibile to love risk? Shall musicians decide to renew themselves, completely? Shall they accept to leave a well known path and, with almost serene unconsciousness accept to role the dice again and start every time a new musical deal towards unusual and different scorse far away from a well-established classical tradition?
These are the questions that show up in my mind while I was listening to this CD dedicated to the figure of Garcia Lorca and to his poems, played in a surprising way by Arturo Tallini on guitar and Ada Montellanico, voice . Federico Garcia Lorca is one of the greatest Spanish poets of the twentieth century and he represents the point of conjunction between music, literature and Iberian popular culture.
Anti fascism symbol, he experienced a particular moment in history and art full of cultural and political contradictions. Garcia Lorca, passionate guitarist and of traditional poetic forms, composed the Canciones Populare Espanoles like a mix of popular and innovative and in this cd they get a new light thanks to new transcription for guitar made by Arturo Tallini.

This music shows a great deeep sensitivity, it speaks a famous and valuable language, the voice that plays, fights, moves in counterpoint to the guitar. A game of subtle bilance, of hidden dynamics and fascinating chant. The refined and expressive voice of Ada Montellanico joins the color of the voice of the guitar of Arturo Tallini creating a kaleidoscope that will easily fascinate you. The result is an excellent CD in which there are also some music by the English composer, conductor and guitarist Reginald Smith Brindle (born January 5 1917, died September 9 2003), from El Polifemo de Oro and composed in 1956 for Julian Bream, and a piece by Stefania Tallini, well known jazz pianist, entitled Deseo and composed especially for this duo. One more praise for the quality recording: being able to record and combine together two particolar voices like the one by Ada Montellanico and the guitar of Arturo Tallini, keeping their dynamics and colors should not have been an easy job.

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