giovedì 4 aprile 2013

Review of the cd Quinteto de Tango Invisibile

Tango is the music of paradoxes. For portenos, the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, is the deepest expression of their identity, but the tango is now an international music that inspires the steps of dancers around the world. His instrument par excellence, the bandoneon, born as an instrument for sacred music, it reached his artistic maturity in the brothels of Buenos Aires. As dance Tango seems a ritual expression of a macho, but for the man the first step is backward. The Quinteto de Tango Invisible, consisting of five virtuoso on piano, violin, guitar, bass, accordion and vocals, expresses with this CD all the melancholy and poignant expression of the tango. Theirs is a passionate music that evokes a deep emotional response, they are excellent musicians it’s true but they go beyond the "simple" virtuosity, proving to be a well mixed ensamble where the end result goes beyond the trivial sum of individual skills. "The Tanguero is a very strange animal," he said in 1987 Piazzolla who knew a lot about and on this record his presence is felt, linger in the air while the Quinteto soars over the notes of Milonga del Angel, Bandò and Verano portegno. But there's not just him, are also present musics by J. Plaza, A. Bardi, F. Latasa, J.D. Caro and A. Troilus in whose orchestra also played Piazzolla himself. All 12 pieces of the album are excellent and it is difficult to report a piece rather than another but in the end I might add another star to the accordion by Gino Zambelli on Milonga del Angel, on guitar (almost) funky by Emanuele Forni on Verano Porteno and vocals, really beautiful by Dolores Espeja.

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