martedì 16 aprile 2013

Review of Guido Santorsola Vol.2 Solo Guitar Works by Antonio Rugolo. Stradivarius 2013

Stradivarius returns and returns with its appreciate Guitar Collection directed by Frederic Zigante with this second volume of music recorded by Antonio Rugolo and devoted to the solo works for guitar of Guido Santorsola, Argentinian composer lived between 1904 and the 1994.
No doubt or hesitation defining this cd one of the most beautiful things listened recently for classical guitar, Rugolo confirmes himself as an exceptional interpreter not only as it regards technique and interpretative ability, but also for the great passion that shows to know how to infuse into what is going to delineate as a real stylistic journey in the work of Santorsola, journey starter some times ago  with the cd "Guitarreo" and continued the other cd "Guido Santorsola", journey that reaches the full maturity with this third album always signed Stradivarius.
Was there need of a “opera omnia” devoted to Santorsola? The answer is yes, especially if behind these 65 minutes and 33 seconds of music there is a  strenuos job of search, recovery and "identification" developed with such passion, intensity and abnegation Maestro Rugolo.
This time we can listen: the 5 Preludioses, the Vals Romantico, the Sonata nro5, the Three Airs of Court and the Ringraziamento and Tempo di Minuetto, works composed between 1944 and 1981 and that effectively testify the ample and durable relationship between the Argentinian composer and the classical guitar.
We should  already put this cd among the essential ones of 2013 and that it still testifies one more time the cleverness and the musical intelligence of Antonio Rugolo. If to this we add the beautiful essay written by Angelo Gilardino inside the booklet, style Stradivarius, and the excellent musical quality managed by another great guitarist, Davide Ficco.. what are you waiting to invest,  I say “to invest”, some euro in this good cd?

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